Mambi Judo

At Mambi Judo we have programs for both Adults and Kids that gently introduces the art of Judo in a well-structured and easy to learn fashion. The environment we have created for both the classes and the dojo is both friendly and fun while enforcing the humility needed to become a proficient judo martial artist.

Our aim is to move all of our beginners from white to orange belt with the aim of participating comfortably in the intermediate class and eventually attaining a black belt. Our goals are to improve all of the positive human mental and physical attributes that strengthen character and contribute to society.

Through Judo we wish to provide our members with a path to a happier and more constructive life, a life that recognizes the need to work positively with others to achieve results. By the end of the judo for beginners program the judoka will begin to recognize that brutal strength and force are no match for technique, skill, and timing.

For the judoka to reach the intermediate class it is important that they recognize the need for practice, practice, and more practice. The regularity of attendance and the constant communication with all of our instructors is the key to your success.

Finally, I would like to welcome you to YOUR Judo Club

Mambi Judo International Training Centre