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Judo Classes

We offer judo classes for both kids and adults, the kids class ranging from ages 4-15 and the adult class 16 and up. We recently re-opened in Tampa and are quickly building our numbers!

Competitive & Recreational Judo

Our classes teach judo for sport competition purposes, and we compete regularly. Not interested in competing? No problem! Our judo classes are still great for fitness and self defense.

Personal Training

We also offer private judo classes as well as personal fitness training. For more information on personal sessions, please contact Sensei Delcides Diaz directly.

Sensei Diaz is incredible. If you’re looking for the highest quality Judo instruction in the Tampa Bay area then I can not recommend Mambi Judo enough. Sensei Diaz works with all ages and skill levels helping his students achieve their goals on and off the mats. He is very well-known and respected within the Judo community. If you’re looking to become highly competitive in Judo, have a fun form of exercise to stay in shape with, become more confident, or just transform your life generally for the better then Mambi Judo is the place for you.

Michael Durshimer

Mambi judo is the best school in tampa hands down. Not only is he a great sensei but also a physical trainer no doubt you will be in tip top shape. Accommodates well with the body and mind helps over come the fatigue.

Fernando Aguilar

Trained with Sensei Del in Tampa—then known as El Mambi Judo—-the BEST!! Sure do miss having him around—but I am still ‘training in Judo’ regardless.

Regina Gosselin

Best judo dojo in the USA! The sensei is phenomenal, he can teach anyone! The judoka’s are talentent, respectful, and great team players.

Alex Garcia

Great group of people. Very friendly and welcoming to visitors. The level of Judo instruction is top-notch. I highly recommend Mambi Judo if you’re looking for great Judo in this area.

James Wall, Wall to Wall Judo